Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Bringing Green Energy to Save the Environment

We’re a company providing best Solar Energy Solutions. Providing technical excellence to ensure the successful delivery of renewable and sustainable energy projects globally promptly and on budget.

Our Mission is:

Delivering outstanding service to our clients to ensure they benefit from the profitable development of renewable energy projects

Our Vision is:

Everyone has access to clean energy sources to fulfill their basic needs while preserving a green and healthy environment

Our Approach is:

Vitta in only the authorized dealer of Aleo Solar in Africa and Asia.


Solar Modules

Solar Modules

We’re the authorized dealer of the Aleo Germany having the efficiency more than 18 %.

Leading cell and solar module technology guarantees the world class stability and reliability backed by 25 years linear performance warranty. All series of regular solar panels are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines, ensuring each solar panel meets the international standards of quality and safety. We have the following Solar Modules in different range.

  • Polycrystalline
  • Monocrystalline
  • Roof Integrated
  • Thin Film
VIT General Trading LLC is Authorized Distributor of Monbat.

VIT General Trading LLC is Authorized Distributor of Monbat.

Monbat offers the highest quality batteries as a result of long experience and innovation since year 1959. Monbat batteries are known worldwide for their cycle stability, as well as the long life and reliability. Monbat has posted a turnover of 135 M Euros in the year 2014. Monbat has wide range of Automotive and Stationary Batteries and have presence across the globe.

The Battery Range includes:

  • Car & Heavy Vehicle Batteries
  • Telecom & Industrial Batteries
  • Military Application Batteries
  • Railway & Marine Batteries


Residential Solar

Residential Solar Systems

Minimizes the bill cost on electricity and save money .Increases your home’s value. Decreases your carbon footprint.
Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems is Ideal for office buildings, Schools, Universities and Shopping Malls and Apartments.
Large Scale Solar Plants

Large Scale Solar Plants

Self Contained Solar Power Plants is Direct-to-Grid or self-consumption in large industries like Pharmaceutical, Textile, Chemical & other industries.
Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights are suitable for housing Colonies & Societies, Factories & projects where Grid Power not available or reliable.
Solar Water Pumping

Solar Water Pumping

Irrigate your Lands with cost effective & reliable water pumping that meets your requirements without relying on the grid.
Telecom Solution

Telecom Solutions

Provides the electricity to the telecom equipment in remote areas. Reduces the Generator’s fuel cost, Maintenance cost.
Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Installation & Maintenance

We have the well trained technical team for Installation & Maintenance of all types of mega and small projects.
Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heating systems are designed to deliver hot water in the cold season. It replaces the burning of coal and burning of wood for water heating.